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Benefits of a Company Brochure Website

    Websites Made Simple
    Websites Made Affordable
    Gets Your Company Online Fast
    Promotes Your Business 24 Hours/Day
    Collects Indispensable Information
    Expands Customer Service
    Increases Your Company’s Competitiveness
    Enhances Public Relations
    Keeps Customers Abreast of Changes
    Enables Special Offers

Websites Made Simple
The Company Brochure Website was designed for the small business owner who desires to move his/her company forward into the age of the Internet without the hassle of multiple services. The Company Brochure Website package is all-inclusive, meaning that there are no additional web design fees, no custom development fees, no additional hosting fees, and no additional maintenance fees.

Websites Made Affordable
A Company Brochure Website is a website that has been made from a template, as opposed to often expensive custom design. Our unique template design offers a more affordable alternative to custom design because the basic programming has already been completed. The Company Brochure Website package does not, however, sacrifice uniqueness. We help you individualize your website through layouts, backgrounds, and adding your own company logo and information.

Gets your company online FAST
Custom web design is time-intensive, often taking months to complete. While some companies need custom programming, most small businesses do not. In contrast to custom design, much of the programming for your Company Brochure Website has already been completed. Greater Online Marketing is, therefore, able to get your website up and running on the Internet FAST - often within 1 week! Our pre-programming technology does not sacrifice uniqueness. We help you individualize your website through layouts, backgrounds, and adding your own company logo and information.

Promotes your business 24 hours/day, 7 days a week
Even when you are sleeping or on vacation your customers will be able to access information about your company’s products and services. Your online brochure empowers your company to be available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No longer limited to what you can do during business hours, your Company Brochure Website works for you, even when you are not at work.

Collects indispensable information from customers
While your Company Brochure Website is beneficial for giving information to customers, collecting information is also vital. Your “contact” page, a standard feature with the Company Brochure Website package, allows customers to get in touch with you through an easy-to-use online form.

Expands Customer Service
A February 2001 study released by independent research companies, The Kelsey Group and ConStat, shows that 25% of all small businesses are now using the Internet primarily to enhance customer service and support functions. Before the Internet, your customers relied on such things as the telephone and mail service to gather information about your company. Many of those customers today use the 24-hour, point and click information highway to gain that same knowledge. A Company Brochure Website gives those customers access to you at the times that are optimal for them. Use your Company Brochure website to answer your customer’s most frequently asked questions. What time do you open tomorrow? Where are you located? What products and services do you offer? Why are your products and services better or unique? And, if your customer wants to know even more, he/she will be able to e-mail you effortlessly via your “contact” page - a standard feature included in the Company Brochure Website package.

Helps increase a company’s competitiveness
The Internet is here to stay! It may sound ridiculous to make such an obvious statement, but many small business owners have yet to create a plan for establishing their companies online. The Small Business Internet Survey conducted by The Gallup Organization, Inc. shows that small businesses that are already online may be far ahead of their offline competitors. In addition, if your business is not yet on the web, you can be certain that your competition is! A Company Brochure Website will put your small business out in front of your offline competitors.

Enhances public relations
Your Company Brochure Website exudes professionalism! Printing your web address on such things as your company business cards and brochures shows your customers and vendors that you are accessible even when your doors are closed. E-mail to clients is enhanced when your signature touts your Company Brochure Website. Important clients, current customers, prospective customers, and other significant contacts will be able to view valuable information about your company and its products or services at a time that is optimal for them.

Keeps customers informed on new changes and developments
We work in an ever-changing competitive environment. Altering information on your printed marketing material takes valuable time and can be costly. Revising information in printed phone books is impossible. In contrast, information on your Company Brochure Website can be affordably updated at any time during the year quickly and effortlessly. Let your Company Brochure Website promptly keep your customers and/or vendors abreast of your company’s new changes and developments.

Enables limited special offers and promotions
As an alternative to printing and distributing costly coupons and/or printed information, your company’s limited offers and special promotions can be made available through your Company Brochure Website. Information can be added or removed quickly and affordably, often by the next business day. An online “coupon” or “special promotion” page is an option included in the Company Brochure Website package.

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